High Borosilicate Glass Rods

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High borosilicate glass is also called pyrex glass rods,borosilicate glass 3.3 
Color: Red, Black, White, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Light Yellow,Amber, Blue ,Golden Champagne, etc
2).Sample is available 
3).No bubbles and scratched

Physical and Chemical Properties:

 Coefficient of expansion
 Water resistant
 Grade 1
 Acid resistance
 Grade 1
 Alkaline resistance
 Grade 2
 Softening point
 Thermal shock performance
 Maximum working temperature

Main Technical Parameters:

 Melting point
 Forming temperature
 Softening temperature
 Annealing temperature

Widely used in solar energy, chemical, pharmaceutical packaging, electric light, jewelry and other industries. Its good performance has been widely recognized around the world, especially in the field of solar energy applications more widely. Germany, the United States and other developed countries have carried out a more extensive promotion.