Silk screen printed glass

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Silkscreen printed glass is also called ornament frit glass or ceramic frit glass. It is produced by applying a thin layer of ceramic paint onto the glass surface by adopting silkscreen printing process. The coated glass is allowed to dry and then further subjected to tempering process with ceramic paint incorporated into glass surface. 
High intensify, safety, heat impact resistance
Diversity color and pattern are available according to customer’s requirements.
High color stability, strong acid and alkali resistance .durable and without color fading
Safety glass with tempered glass desirable properties
Effective in providing solar shading
could be produced to be laminated glass ,insulated glass.
Thickness: 4mm - 12mm
Max. size: 2500 x 1500mm
Min. size: 170 x 100mm 
Edge:polishededges , C-edge, straight edge etc.
Holes:.could be cut as requirement.
MOQ: 1 container
Glass color:Clear,ultra clear,bronze,blue, F green,Dark green ,etc.

glass facades of buildings and skylights,
fillings of railings and balconies,
ramed or frameless glass internal walls and doors systems,
glass stairs,
table tops,
components of furniture,
glass shelvings,
shower cabinets,
other decorative elements.
components of refrigerators and freezers,

elements of cookers and cooking ovens.

Packaging Details:
Strong Export Seaworthy wooden or plywood crates ; 
Paper interlayer between each sheet; 
Polythene wrapping on Crates to avoid moisture.